Montana Fall Fly Fishing 2018

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On the River with Dane

Fall will be upon us soon and that means cooler weather and bigger fish. This is the time of year when trout make their way upriver to spawn. It's time to break out the warmer gear and start the hunt for those big monster browns and rainbows.

For those of you looking to learn a bit about hooking these trophy trout, have a look at our "Fall Time Techniques: Streamers" article on the website. Streamer fishing is an absolute kick with huge fish mauling streamers and just about ripping the rod out of your hand when they take your fly. For those of you who have fished streamers, it's a good primer for the upcoming fall season.

Do you hear the river calling? Get in touch with us if you want to schedule a trip this fall. We have a few openings left and would love to take you out on the water. If for some reason you don't hear back from us right away, we appreciate your patience because we are probably out on the river.

Dane Huzarski


streamersAs we get closer to October, the brown trout start to stage up and make their redds (spawning beds). They get very protective over their territory and attack anything the gets in their way.



fishing-line-managementManaging your line is one of the most important things you can do to land more trophy trout. Read on for more information.



montana fly fishing 2018 09 boy fish
montana fly fishing 2018 09 fish
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Flies of the Month

This month's three flies are McCunes Sculpin, Bubba’s Ant and the More or Less Hopper. The tan or olive McCunes is a great fly for representing the sculpin that we have in our waters in SW Montana. This fly is a steady contributor to our photo gallery for big brown and rainbow trout. Fished either under an indicator or stripped, this fly comes alive in the water. It is not a heavily weighted fly, and you can see it dart and dash in the current. Trophy trout have a hard time refusing this fly when it is in their zone. Made up of mostly rabbit with a spun deer head, this is one of my favorite patterns for fall fishing and always found in my fly box.

Bubba's Ant. Trout love to eat ants. When you're looking for a stand out pattern this ant is high up on the list. This fly has plenty of foam and offers plenty of buoyancy. Mylar wings catch the sun's rays and really make this fly jump out from the water. Tie this on when you need to keep an eye on your fly.

The More or Less Hopper is a lot like the proven Morrish Hopper when it comes to materials and shape of the body. What we like about this fly is that the rear legs are more realistic and won’t foul the hook. The huge bug eyes are a big improvement but that might hook more fishermen than trout. It is a great looking pattern and big enough to float a dropper underneath. It comes in an assortment of colors, and I have found tan and purple to both be successful. September is a great month for hopper fishing and this fly has been getting a work out already.

Note: Fly patterns, terms, concepts and fishing tips help develop your knowledge and ultimate success on the river. The information above is unique and provided specifically for Montana Trout Wranglers email subscribers.

Parting Shot

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Fall fly fishing is an adventure you don't want to miss. The fall presents so many unique and truly special things. The Aspens are on fire, the brush painted with a saturation of colors unlike the rest of the year. The shorter days and cooler nights. The emergence of new or renewed insects dancing above the water. Fall fly fishing allows for much less angler pressure on our world famous, blue ribbon trout streams. It is the solitude and quiet fall surroundings that allow for the greater appreciation of what isn't even visible.

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