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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Improving Techniques - Get ready to mend

Improving Techniques - Get ready to mend

Mend, mend again, big mend, mend downstream, don't mend yet. These are all words that I say probably a thousand times a day. I might have heard someone even say I said it in my sleep but I can not confirm that. How important is the mend?

I believe that it is one of the most import keys into you success. Presentation is 90% of fly fishing, making your fly(s) look like the naturals are our only hope in fooling the trout to eat. Combating the different speeds of currents and making sure our fly looks as if it is not attached to our line is what mending is all about. Most people enjoy fly casting, but the trout are under the water not in the air. What happens after you cast is more important then what it took to get it there. Your majority of mends are always upstream. Many people struggle with mending because their first initial mend is not adequate. The key to a good mend is lifting your rod tip up to break your lines surface tension with the water. This always the line to be more easily manageable and you will find you will not move your fly or indicator as much when you use this technique.

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