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On the River with Dane

The seasons are finally changing here in SW Montana. The trees are changing colors and so are the brown trout as they begin their spawning ritual. It’s time to break out the streamer rods and sink tips and put away the hopper box until next year. Time to get after those aggressive angry brown trout. This is the time of year when we catch many of our largest trout. We have seen a few snow showers here and there but still have plenty of fall fishing left. Be sure to check out our blog on setting up your streamer rod below.

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Dane Huzarski


streamer man fishIt’s time to bring out the heavy artillery and target those pumpkin colored brown trout that get super aggressive in the fall here in SW Montana. If you are going to be throwing streamers all day it’s best to have the right equipment.



fishing fogFall is a great time to fish Montana. But winter weather can strike at any time. How do you prepare for what mother nature can throw at you?



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Flies of the Month

mtw-boogie-man-kellers-dc-mottled-sculpin-jj-specialThis month's three flies are all tied for chasing trophy brown trout. Throwing big streamers and covering water searching for the line to come tight and the water's surface to erupt is what throwing streamers is all about. These streamers are not for the faint of heart. Even though tried and true streamers work, more modern patterns are getting bigger and flashier. Check out some of these patterns.

The first pattern is from local fly shop owner and streamer designer Kelly Gallup. Called the “Boogie Man,” this articulated fly has many of the characteristics that trigger big fish to strike. Generally fished on a sink tip line, this fly pushes a lot of water and gets the trout's attention.

The second pattern is another articulated fly with a big cone head to get the fly down fast and deep. Keller’s DC Mottled Sculpin is one fly that you want to prospect in those deep holes and fast rocky banks. This fly sinks like an anchor and has great action to make those trophy brown trout upset. This pattern can be fished on either a sink tip line or it is heavy enough to fish on a floating line with a longer leader.

The third pattern is a tried and true classic. Known as either J.J’s Special or Autumn Splendor, this pattern has a proven record to catch fish here in the Rockies. In fact, this fly has caught my biggest trout to date. Whenever things get slow I find myself reaching for this pattern with confidence. You can dead drift this fly, strip it or swing it.

Note: Fly patterns, terms, concepts and fishing tips help develop your knowledge and ultimate success on the river. The information above is unique and provided specifically for Montana Trout Wranglers email subscribers.

Parting Shot

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Fall fishing is one of my favorite times of the year. Snow capped peaks, changing leaves, cool mornings and warm afternoons. Brown trout all colored up, angry and territorial. There is no need to be on the water early. Take your time, have another cup of coffee and enjoy the solitude of being on the water with very few others. Enjoy the day and make some memories to get you through the winter.

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