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Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report

In my opinion the fishing doesn't get much better then it is right now on the Missouri river. You can pick which technique you want to fish and have success at all of them.

Streamers are working great, nymphing is lights out and the dry fly bite in the afternoon is unbelievable. Baetis and psuedos are coming off thick in the afternoons. You can regularly find fish rising in pods just mowing down these small mayflies. Good presentations are still needed but you will have plenty of opportunities. Dries like the parachute adams, purple haze, and cripple patterns in sizes 16-20 are all working. For the nymphers anything small and baetis like is working. Purple lightning bugs, micro mayflies, pheasant tails and small crayfish patterns. Streamers in a variety of colors are working and depending on the day and the cloud cover. Black, white, olive and tan are all getting chases and eats. My favorite pattern this fall is the Gonga in either tan or rust.

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