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Five Fly Fishing Knots For Everyone

Monday, March 25, 2019

There aren’t a lot of knots that you need to know for fly fishing. But there are a few that you need to learn to ensure you have success out on the water. Whether you need to change your fly or replace your fly line, these knots will teach you the basics you need to know. Remember to moisten all your knots before you tighten them to avoid friction heat, which may weaken your connection.

  1. Improved clinch knot. This is a great knot to use to attach your fly to your tippet.
  2. Surgeons knot. This knot joins two pieces of tippet together. It is an easy and quick knot for extending your leader or replacing frayed material.
  3. Blood knot. This knot is used for the same principles as the Surgeons knot. It requires a little more finesse to tie but, once learned, is a great knot to attach two pieces of tippets.
  4. Nail knot. This knot is for attaching a leader to your fly line if you do not have a loop-to-loop connection, or for attaching your fly line to the backing. This knot can be tied by hand, but there are many tools on the market that aid you in tying this knot quickly and correctly. I highly recommend purchasing one of these tools to help you with this knot.
  5. Arbor knot. To attach your backing to your reel, you need to use an arbor knot. This might be a knot you tie once ever five years, but it never hurts to know how it's done.

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