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My favorite river to fish in the entire state is located in a town of 32 year round residents, has three fly shops, two watering holes and one restaurant. The Missouri river boasts the second largest population of trout in any river in the state(6k+ per mile) with the average size of trout being 16-17 inches.

The Madison river is the best known river in the state of Montana. The words Montana and Madison river are as American as baseball and apple pie. More has been written about the Madison river than any other river in the state. The Madison river offers a variety of water for a variety of anglers.

The Yellowstone. A scenic beauty, majestic, stirring and rich in history. Starting in Wyoming, the Yellowstone River winds through the Paradise Valley in Southwestern Montana with the Absaroka Mountains as your backdrop. The Yellowstone River is one of Montana's largest rivers.

Located right in Bozeman, Montana's back yard, this medium sized freestone river offers anglers of all experience levels ample fishing opportunities. Starting in Yellowstone National Park, the Gallatin River flows north for 120 miles until it meets up with the Madison and Jefferson rivers in Three Forks, Montana to make the headwaters of the Missouri river. The Gallatin River is well known for its numbers of wild rainbow and brown trout eager to eat dry flies and nymphs.

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