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FAQs For Beginners

Do I need to have any fly fishing experience before I fish Montana?

We fish with all skill levels from people who have never held a fly rod or worldly anglers. Our patient and professional guide staff will teach you the basics to be successful or improve your fly fishing skills.

What type of equipment do I need?

We can provide all equipment needed at no extra charge. We have many sets of assorted waders and boots. We also provide quality fly rods, reels and flies. You are more than welcome to bring your equipment, but you are welcome to use ours.

Do I need to know how to tie special knots?

A knowledge of basic knot tying is helpful, but not required. Your guide will be happy to tie the various knots for you, or teach you a few useful knots.

Do I want a float trip or a wade trip?

A majority of our full day guided trips are float trips for many reasons. On a float trip, the guide can position the boat to suite your casting needs. We strive to teach our new clients to cast about 25 feet with a 9 foot rod. When you are wading, you need to be mindful of not catching the foliage behind you. When floating this is non issue. Floating, also allows you to fish five to ten miles of river with ever-changing scenery. Navigating some of our big western rivers can be difficult on foot. While on a float trip, the guide is always nearby to help with fly changes, advice, or undoing an unfortunate tangle. Float fishing is definitely the "Cadillac" of fly fishing.

What are my options for lodging?

Bozeman has over 25 different hotels in town plus many rental houses that can be found on AirBnb or VRBO websites. If you need help finding lodging, we work closely with three hotels at various price points that would be happy to help you arrange.

What airport do I fly into to?

Bozeman has the busiest airport in Montana. It serves United, Delta, Alaska, Frontier and Allegiant airlines. Many offer direct flights from major cities. The name of the airport is Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport or BZN.

How long is full guided day guided day?

We typically meet around 8am in the summer and have you back in town between 5-6 pm.

Can I do a half day float trip?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a 1/2 day float trip. Because of the logistics of getting to the river and arranging someone to move our vehicles to the take out point, doesn’t allow for much fishing. So this isn’t an option.

Will the guide coach me to be a better angler?

Whether this is your first day or twentieth, we want to help you become a better angler and learn or improve the techniques to fish our various waters. Our guide staff will offer as much guidance as you desire to help you improve your casting, knowledge of fishing our waters, or any other fishing topics you desire.

Gratuity for the guide?

Our fly fishing guides work hard to make sure you get the most out of every fishing day. Even though guide tips are never expected they are always appreciated. 15%-20% of the price of the guide trip is common, but anything extra that shows your appreciation is greatly valued. Tips help out the guide to pay for fuel, flies, shuttles, etc. Cash tips paid directly to the guide are preferred, but we can also apply it to your final bill.

Can I spin fish?

We are fly fishing professionals. Although we all have spin fished at one point in our life that is not what we specialize in. We enjoy teaching our clients how to fly fish and the many intricacies that fly fishing provides. We realize that this is an expensive sport and want to provide you with the most value for your money. For that reason we suggest learning a new technique to catch trout.

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