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Dane; Thanks for such a good job fishing the river, pointing out exactly where and how to catch those fat, strong rainbows. All of the guides knew the river well and they made an extra effort to be sure that we enjoyed the experience. Thanks for somehow remaining patient thru all the knots and tangles that I produced. I probably can blame that on running low on beer. The river water was so clear and the scenery along the river banks was beautiful. The lodge was in a great location on the river and had great interior furnishings with good sleeping and kitchen facilities. Great Fun.
Thanks, George

Thanks for all the work and organizational planning you did to make our recent trip a great success. The fishing was great, the lodge was superior, and you and the other guides were excellent and very patient. It is a beautiful place.
Larry C.

We had such a great trip with Adam. He is the best. He was personable and knowledgeable and could tie those flies with the coldest of hands - well done. We got the fish of my dreams and can now cross this one off the bucket list. Thank you for a wonderful trip. You guys are the best.
Sharon B.

Dane: Thanks again for a great time! I’d love to come back to Montana to fish and I hope you would take us out again. You run a very professional notch!
Best regards, Kurt.

Hi Dane,
We're still reminiscing about our fantastic fishing trip with you guys. I think it's the beginning of a lot of great times ahead. We've already begun researching the equipment. Can't wait for more lessons so you will be proud to have us in your boat. LOL. Glad you had a good season.
We would like to go on a guided trip with you again in the same area next season.
Kari C.

Hello Dane. What can I say, you were awesome!!!!! What a memorable trip, you really put us on the fish. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a Montana Fly Fishing experience. Your knowledge of the waters we fished was exceptional, I look forward to being back in Montana with you putting us to task again. Please see the attachments of a few pictures I thought you would enjoy.
Thanks again,

Superior Ducking Skills and Other Fly Fishing Terminology
As a novice fly fisher(wo)man, learning the "appropriate" terminology is by far the hardest task. Hearing someone shout "set, set, set" is unnerving, especially when the word "set" has other connotations. The first time I heard my guide shout "set", I immediately looked for the nearest place to park my derriere. Already nervous, I assumed I had done something very inappropriate, breaking the numerous fly fishing rules of etiquette. However, once the initial shock of being told to "park it" wore off, I was able to focus on what my guide was telling me.
For the rest of you novice fishermen, set implies that a fish has the hook in its mouth, and you need to permanently attach it. Knowing the force and the technique to use to attach it becomes the key. If you pull too hard, the fish becomes airborne and your fellow adventurers are frantically dodging your trajectory (been there, done that). If instead, you pull too softly, the fish laughs all the way downstream to the more experienced sportsman.
Don't be embarrassed if this seemingly simple (ha ha) procedure takes time to master. After all, if fly fishing was easy, seasoned fishermen wouldn't be nearly as interested in the sport. It is a challenge. It takes patience, practice, and instruction from a patient and experienced guide. Let's face it; standing in a moving boat is a balancing act in-and-of-itself for the newbie. And then learning to cast in a manner so as not to hook your guide (sorry Dane), takes practice. But the end result is pretty fantastic. Having a good cast, an adequate mend, an interested fish, a sufficient strip and set, and a ready net, makes for one heck of a good time.
Last year, three friends and I went on a fly fishing excursion with Dane Huzarski. With varied fishing abilities, each of us had a different agenda for the day. The least experienced wanted to merely be on the water, enjoying her friends, with the idea that she didn't care if she caught anything. Her goal was to "exercise" the fish. (Yes, I said exercise.) Me, the next least experienced, wanted to catch fish, but was also realistic in knowing that what I needed was a guide to teach me the fishing skills I needed. Our third friend had taken fly fishing classes and wanted our guide to help her hone her skills (must have worked as she caught the most fish). Our most experienced friend, who owns serious fishing equipment, wanted to be taken to the fish and to have an experienced guide help her catch them all.
At the end of the day, we all got what we came for. We learned new skills. We all caught fish. And most importantly, we had a great time exercising Montana's fish. All we had to do was show up and our guides had everything ready and waiting. For us four women who are used to cooking and caring for everyone else, it was one of the best vacations we have ever had. (And, having a guide who was willing to learn superior ducking skills as a result of my casting technique says a lot for his patience. Yes, I was much better by the end of the day. Right, Dane?) It has been almost seven months since our fishing vacation with Montana Trout Wranglers, and we still laugh about how much fun we had. Our vacation pictures adorn our walls, our screen savers and our Facebook pages.
So whether you are an experienced fisherman, or a novice at the sport, I am confident that spending a day with Dane Huzarski and his guides will be one of the very best times of your matter what your fishing goal is.

Hi Dane.
Sorry it has taken me a couple of weeks to go through my pics. I have about 570 pics from the whole trip - oops I take too many. Here are the fly fishing pics, but I didn't take pics of your food spread and I'm sorry I missed doing that. Sorry we picked on you, Other Dane was the instigator but Esther and I were easy "partners in crime". I (or should I say all 4 of us) had a wonderful day out fishing with you guys. You did a wonderful job of keeping us entertained and fed (you had a lot of good food for us) and "throwing out into a good spot" on the river (apparently since I caught 8). Thank you again for a wonderful day. I have downloaded pictures onto my Facebook site and noted your website for hopefully more customers (keeping my fingers crossed). (Esther has my fish pictures and I haven't received them yet-sorry no fish in my pics. Marilyn does have a couple on her phone too).
By the way, OD (other Dane) was certain one of us girls was an attorney and Esther and I kept him guessing all day and never did tell him the truth. oops None of us are attorneys but it was fun to have him trying to guess. Hope the rest of your season is GREAT! We are ready to come again - so is my husband an he doesn't like to fish as much as I do.
Susan R E.

I just wanted to write and on behalf of dad, my Phil, john and myself express our thanks for the fantastic outing you provided on the lower Madison. I know that the added dimension of my father's limitations can be tricky but you made him feel like part of the gang and I really appreciate that. Trust that I am working diligently on my casting mechanics so that next year I will afford you the opportunity to work with some of the other guys in our group, I do want to thank you for all the helpful guidance. That last fish was well worth the wait, although the monster brown that got away still haunts me, note to self, make sure that fly line is not tied around butt of rod! If we had only known ahead of time what those waters held, I am quite sure we would not have spent so much time on the Gallatin. Trust that next year we will be spending quite a bit of time fishing the Madison and I can only hope that you will be there as part of the group. Thanks again for making our trip a memorable one. I will email pictures just as soon as I download them onto my computer. By the way, I thought it was hilarious that John left his camera with you; all he was doing was sulking over the pictures of his trophy brown that would never be seen.
All the best,
DP David Pegg

Hi Dane, just wanted to thank you again for taking us out Fly Fishing on such a crazy blustery day. Thanks for your patience and all the great tips and techniques you shared with us and of course hanging on to our dog Guinness for the entire day. You went above and beyond to make our day memorable, and it was!!! We look forward to fishing with you again, we will be practicing here in Minnesota so we won't be such rookies.
Here is the recipe to make the Blue Ginger Gimlet, make the ginger syrup ahead of time, way before you have a craving for the Blue Ginger Gimlet, ha ha. 3 cups of ginger syrup may seem like a lot but it isn't once you have tasted the drink. We also put in club soda to your taste, so it isn't as strong of a drink for those want it that way. Enjoy, and thanks again......
Jim, Margie & GUINNESS, (the crazy folks from Minnesota you can tell stories about, but hey, we did catch fish on a day gusting 55 mph)

Ginger Syrup (Makes about 3 cups)

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups fresh ginger, cut into 1/8-inch slices (about 2 large hands)
  • 2 cups water

In a medium saucepan over high heat, combine sugar, ginger and water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until syrupy and reduced by half. Syrup should hold a line of a plate. Strain ginger pieces out and reserve syrup. (Trick: toss dried ginger in sugar, bake at 200 degrees until dried thru, about 4 hours and voila-ginger candy)

I just wanted to let you know I am still thinking about the fishing trip I took with you. It was without a doubt the best fishing trip I ever took. I am probably understating this when I say it – YOU ARE A GREAT GUIDE!!!! You worked so hard to put me onto the fish. Because of your efforts I fished and ended up with wonderful results. I still cannot believe all the fish we caught. You handled all of the other details so I could fish and especially catch – WOW!!! I am so grateful for your patience and constant advice as we floated the Madison, Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. I learned so much about fishing in the West from you. You certainly have done more than any fishing guide I had in the past. In the future, when people ask for my advice as to who to get in Montana for a fishing guide, I am simply going to tell them "get Dane Huzarski – this is the one you want – just get him – do it - end of discussion".Again, thank you for all you did making this a great fishing trip and I am looking forward to future trips with you.
Best Regards,
Bob L.

Hello Dane,
Rick and I both made it home to Pennsylvania safely. We both wanted to say thank you for the unforgettable trip we had with you on the Missouri River. Within five minutes of our float trip, we were into big fish and it never stopped until we had to reel our lines in later that evening. The tips, techniques, and information you gave us throughout the day was phenomenal and we took a lot of great memories with us back to PA. Your professionalism was something that impressed us the most, even over the fishing and scenery. Rick and I have been on numerous charters and agreed that you are top on the list. We will be back!!
Thanks Again,
Matthew L.

Dane - from Ian and I,
Thanks again for a great day (despite the cold and wind). You are a true professional who really cares about your clients/customers. You made us both feel like comfortable on the water and taught us quite a bit on the technique required for indicator drift fishing.
Your offer to guide us a second day really caught us off-guard and you have no idea how much that meant to us afterward. If Ian did not have the conf call Friday morning, then we definitely would have had to consider the offer. Thanks for doing that, you really did not have and that is what made the gesture all the more sincere. We did go back to the Beaverhead the following morning at 6am and were the only two on the water. Ian hooked a nice fish, but after several minutes of fight the fish threw the hook. For me, I definitely scared a few fish but that was all. We left Dillon around noon and drove to Rocky Ford Creek in Ephrata, WA. There are huge fish there just waiting to be caught. Of course they are huge because they are too smart to be caught. We camped and other than a few tugs on the line - nothing. We then drove to fish the Yakima (a huge river) where Ian caught half a dozen fish - average size measured around 5" or so; again I scared more than I caught.
All in all a great time spent on the river(s), but now the Beaverhead and our experience with an experienced and genuinely nice guide has set a bar for us. Should we make a return trip to SW Montana, and you are still around, we most assuredly would contact you.
All the best and stay well,
Rob and Ian

I just wanted to drop you note about our recent float trip on the Missouri. It is hard to believe that you could top our previous trips but you did. The fishing was fantastic! You really put us onto the fish. I was especially impressed with your experience on the river and your ability to locate the fish. I will recommend this trip to all my fly fishing friends. Thanks for making this another great experience that I will not soon forget. I also appreciate your teaching me how to become a better fly fisherman.
Tight lines,
Steven N.

Dear Dane:
We can't thank you enough for two great days of fishing in Montana! Our wading trip on the East Gallatin was the perfect start to our vacation, and our float trip on the Yellowstone was a day to remember – especially the 21-inch brown trout! Thanks for your instruction, your patience, and for putting us in just the right places to catch the big ones! If you're ever in the Washington, DC area, please call us – we'd love to show you our local rivers! Thanks again for making our family vacation so memorable!
Best regards from the Gates Family, Joyce, Bruce, Barton, Tyler, and Judson

Thank you so much for the wonderful day of fishing you showed me on the Missouri. Not only was the company and lunch great, the fishing was incredible. I hope then next time I get out with you we will catch fish of the same size and even more of them. I never thought I was ever going to land the first rainbow I caught that day, it's just nuts how strong fish can be. I think your teaching ability and patents is amazing. You are truly great at what you do, although I would leave the bad jokes at home. I look forward to my next trip.
Thanks again,
Amy S.

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a great time I had on the trip. As usual, you put us onto the fish. I think Kevin and I sometimes take it for granted how easy you make it to get into some great fish. You work very hard to make sure our trip is enjoyable and one to remember. You are a quality guy and fun to fish with. Again thanks for a great time.
Take care and have a great season,
Steve N.

Hi Dane,
I just wanted drop you a quick line in regards to our fantastic experience fly fishing with Bert Horsley. We were both very impressed with his patience, passion and the overall care and consideration he put into our trip. I think my girlfriend is now hooked on fly fishing and I owe that entirely to Bert!
We are looking forward to coming back out to Montana in the near future and we will certainly give Trout Wranglers a call.
Thanks much for hooking us up with Bert.
Best Regards,
Jon Trevor

Hi Dane,
Just a note to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our fishing time with you. You were a very good guide and teacher but we (probably me more so) didn’t always execute things as you told us. Nevertheless, I did learn a lot about fly fishing and I’m sure Monte feels the same way. Should we plan to do this again in the future, and I’m sure both of us will, we will certainly book things with you. Your planning, lunches, scheduling, etc. were more than we could have asked for.

Hi Dane:
I just wanted to let you know that both Babs and I had a great time in Montana. Due to your expert guiding I am suffering from an acute case of MWS (Montana Withdrawal Syndrome). The only cure, I heard, is another trip to Montana. Hopefully we will be in good health so next year there will be another trip to beautiful Montana. Although my casting might not have shown it, I learned an awful lot from you. Your patience was greatly appreciated. Every night when I go to sleep I can hear, cast, mend, mend again, big mend. I did learn a lot and know more about what to expect next year. Take care for now.

Hi Dane:
Hope you have been on the water and putting your clients on some great fish and creating lasting memories.
Babs and I went to my favorite little pond to catch some grayling. Last year we never ran into any other fly fisherman while we fished. Yesterday there were two guy's out fishing in their float tubes. Not much action, I just fished in my waders, no boat. One of the fishermen caught one and he said he was using a hares ear beaded. I put one on and caught one myself. It got cloudy and they started feeding on the surface and just below as well. They put on coachman and caddis flies with no luck. I put on my Huzarski Special, #16 purple haze and #18 beaded lightning bug. I told them what I was using but they never heard of either one,just like me prior to my fishing with you. I looked like I was on wide world of sports. I had hit after hit on the purple haze landed three in a short time and one on the lightning bug. I think I was setting the hook to hard and pulling it out of their mouths because I missed quite a few as well. After all the action I had, the two guy's asked to see the flies and what material was in each. I called my set up the Huzarski Special in your honor.
Sorry for the long story, but I had such a good time and I wanted to share it with you.
Do you have any favorite fly shops you deal with? I want to order some material on line.
Take care and see you in July,

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