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Five Reasons to Book Early

Friday, January 19, 2018

There are many reasons to book your fishing trip as early as possible. Here is a list to motivate you to pick up the phone and give us a call.

  1. Our schedule works on seniority and request. The most popular guides are also our longest tenured. Many people want the best guides they can book. Whether it’s their sharp wit or knowledge on entomology, pleasant unassuming nature or the great comradery for the day. If you enjoyed your day with one of our guides, be sure that others have as well and they want the same guide.
  2. Many areas we guide have limited lodging options. Rivers such as the Missouri River have limited rooms for only a certain number of guests. Peak times on this river are extremely busy, and with the limited beds booking well in advance is a must. Many people book at least a year in advance to reserve their rooms for the nights they want. We are always happy to help in the booking process, but finding rooms during prime months is always a difficult process. It is always best to book ASAP to insure a clean comfy bed close to the river and the center of it all in Craig, MT.
  3. We have a limited number of A-list guides. We don’t try to put the most trips out there. We book our clients with our best guides, and if we are fully booked then we are booked. We don’t want to put our clients with just anyone. All our guides are fully vetted, and I have personally fished with them. They follow my strict standards for providing a fun-filled learning experience for all skill levels.
  4. Montana has many restrictions on river usage on a few rivers, and if you are interested in fishing the Beaverhead or Big Hole Rivers we have limited days. Those requesting these travel trips first have priority. Even if you want to fish later in the year we must know early so we can reserve the days for you.
  5. According to the Bozeman Chronicle this week, "Bozeman’s airport business has increased each year in the last eight years." It is the busiest airport in the state. Booking early will not only get you the best guides but also the least expensive airline tickets.

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