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Fly Fishing in Bozeman, MT

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Why would you choose Bozeman, Montana as a destination to fly fish?

There are many reasons to choose Bozeman, Montana as a place to base your Montana fishing trip out of. We have the biggest and busiest airport in the state. Although it doesn’t compare to O’hair or Atlanta, it is the hub for great fishing in SW Montana and the Yellowstone area. It’s easy to get in and out of without much hassle.

Bozeman is also centrally located between three great rivers. The Yellowstone, Madison and Gallatin rivers are all close by. We have over 200 miles of river to fish in the area not including some small streams and creeks in the area. There is plenty of different scenery and fishing options to be had in the immediate area.

Bozeman is also a college town with a population of about 50k with a lot going on year round. A variety of summertime activities, great restaurants, and a lively nightlife. Bozeman, Montana offers a great atmosphere to make your fly fishing vacation a great time. Whether you are looking for fine dining, local fare, or just grabbing a quick bite after a day on the river, Bozeman has it all.

Bozeman has over thirty hotels and is building more. Whether you have a favorite chain, or looking for a nice boutique hotel, Bozeman offers it all. There are many budget minded hotels and many high end hotels to meet the expectations of everyone.

There are also over a hundred different rental houses if you are looking for a vacation rental. Be sure to check out or if interested in rental houses.

We specialize in fly fishing in the Bozeman area. The rest of the trip is up to you, but Bozeman offers many amenities to make your trip an all around great trip.

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