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Fly Fishing Montana in June

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Lush green hillsides, comfortable weather and energetic guides will welcome you to Southwestern Montana. There is some great dry fly fishing to be had in the early summer month of June. Here are some of the bullet points for fly fishing in Montana during the various weeks in June:

  • Fishing around run off
  • PMD's on the Missouri
  • Salmonfly hatch starting around the Bozeman area rivers

Starting about the middle of May, our seasonal run off begins and continues into June. The amount of snow we receive over the winter months translates to how long run off lasts. On average snow years, run off lasts into about the second or third week of June. On below average snow years, run off may subside earlier and we will have all river options available to fish. Don't let this get you discouraged. There is great fishing to be had in June. Things aren't quite as cut and dry as they are later in the season. But, this is where a guide earns his money. You will find our guides studying river flow websites and calling their closest confidents to find the best fishing options available each evening with the varying conditions that seem to constantly change.

You will find us guiding all over the state in June. We will be searching for the best fishable water for our clients. Many of our trips in the first part of the month will find us north of Bozeman in Craig, MT guiding the Missouri River. This tailwater isn't affected by run off like our freestone rivers closer to home. With great Caddis and PMD hatches, this is a great river to fly fish during this early time period. The Missouri River boasts the second highest trout population in the state and the average size trout is 16 inches, with many trout over the 20 inch mark. There are many different techniques we use to fool these incredibly strong trout. You can experience technical dry fly fishing, or nymph fishing with an indicator that definitely racks up the numbers. The Missouri offers everything to varying skill levels.

The Madison River is also a great river to fish in the month of June. This river tends to become fishable around the middle of the month. It may not be gin clear, but you only need a few feet of visibility to have success. Generally, starting around June 20th, the salmonfly hatch begins. This incredible hatch can bring some trophy trout to the surface to eat big dry flies making for some very exciting fly fishing.

The Yellowstone River is the last river to clear up and become fishable. I have guided the river as early as mid-June, but more consistently guided it over the years starting about the last week of June. After the Yellowstone River's four to six week hiatus from any fishing pressure whatsoever due to runoff, the trout are found close to the banks and grabbing any meal that passes near them. Even though the river is still over its banks, you can get away with extra strong tippets and big flies fished from a drift boat. The Yellowstone River also has a great Salmonfly hatch that starts a little later than on the Madison River.

fly fishing montana june trout salmonfly

In conclusion, June is a great month to fly fish Montana. Great weather, awesome scenery, and great hatches. Even though not every river we fish might be in perfect shape, we have the knowledge and experience to provide a successful trip. Flexibility is the key, and with our great guide staff we are willing to go the extra mile to show the best that Montana has to offer.

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