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In Search of Clean Water During the Spring

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sometimes conditions are not perfect for fly fishing, especially in the spring time with the snow pack melting in the mountains. With inconsistent weather patterns moving through, many of our local rivers can be fishable one day and unfishable the next. This time of year you have to be flexible to find the best conditions. This week I took a few days on a road trip with a fellow guide in search of fishable water for upcoming clients. Here is a photo essay of the trip.

Decisions have to be made in a moment's notice which way to go in search of clean water...

highway split

...and the best fried chicken in Montana.

fried chicken

Clean water is found and expectations are high.

clean water

Rigging up multiple rods to cover all situations.

rigging rods

The goslings are out and about on the banks of the river.

geese goslings

Small towns we visited that are off the major interstates, such as Twin Bridges and Virginia City, Montana.

twin bridges

small town

Great sunsets after a successful day make it that much more rewarding.


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