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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trout Wranglers and Warm Weather

Trout Wranglers and Warm Weather

A string of warm days in January and February are bringing anglers out for a banner year of winter fly-fishing.

"It's not typical that we have this kind of weather, but when we do I think a lot of people are looking to take advantage of it," said Dane Huzarski, a fishing outfitter in Gallatin County. He says that he has already started getting some calls about early-season trips. "I've been fielding some inquiries and have booked a few trips for the next week."

With such an early start, there are plenty of people worried about the impact warm weather now could have on the late-summer. But most guides aren't ready to worry quite yet. "The snow pack is still hovering right around 100%, and the rain that we have had in the last few weeks has increased the moisture that we have, so we are not in dire straits yet," said Huzarski. "We usually pick up our best snow pack in the mountains during March, April, and May."

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