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Restrictions starting to lift 8/17/21

Friday, August 20, 2021

Temperatures have taken a nose dive this week and we are seeing cooler days and plenty of precipitation from the heavens. Montana FWP has lifted the “Hoot Owl” restrictions on the Upper Madison, Missouri and Stillwater rivers. There should be more restrictions loosening as cool temperatures are projected for the upcoming week.

The long term forecast is looking more like average temps and not the above normal temperatures that we have endured this summer season. Many of our rivers have seen water temps dive between 7-12 degrees already. With water temps diving, we expect FWP to stop many restrictions in the state. But, we also know that they have their own agenda or rules that they have to follow and that bureaucracy is just that and what they say at one time may not play out later down the road. By law all “Hoot Owl” restrictions expire 9/15. We will keep you posted on all changing restrictions. Be sure to like our Facebook page. This is where we post important information as soon as we know pertinent information about our area rivers. Since the newsletter only comes out once a month, the facebook page is a great resource to see what is happening in Southwestern Montana currently.


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