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Three Pointers for Success with the Dry Fly

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

A few quick tips for fly fishing with the dry fly. 

  1. Make your first cast count. Many times your first drift is the most important. The one that the trout sees first and most likely to eat. Just like when you met your fiancé’s parents. First impressions count, make it your best.
  2. When false casting, cast to the side of the fish. You throw small water droplets off your line when false casting. To keep from spooking fish, make sure that you false cast away from rising fish.
  3. Give the fish enough time to see your fly. Too many times people see a trout rise and put it right on the fish, or behind them. You need to lead the trout by 2-5 feet depending in the water type, so the fish has time to see it coming. Throw it to close to the trout and they won’t eat it. They need to see it coming a few feet in front of them. If they don’t eat it, wait till it floats well past them, then pick up your cast and repeat. Ripping your fly off a feeding trout is the fastest way to make them disappear.

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