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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Many days when I am guiding here in Montana on walk-and-wade trips or fishing out of the boat, I witness a client start fishing a run by wading out too far into the river and start casting into the "Juicy" good looking deeper water. There generally are many fish near the bank or in the shallows that either are spooked by the angler wading out or by the colored fly line passing over their heads.

From the picture above and standing on the star, you want to work your way out to the middle of the river slowly. Start in close and thoroughly covering the closest lane multiple times before moving on to the next fishing lane. By multiple times I do not mean that you need to drift your flies down the same lane 10-15 times, but if you are getting good drifts three or four passes down a fishing lane that should suffice. Then cast approximately three feet further out and repeat the process. By slowing down and thoroughly covering the water you will not only improve your fishing success but won’t miss any fish that may be in the skinny water looking for an easy meal.

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