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Warm Weather Montana River Restrictions

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Recent warm weather has wildlife officials announcing restrictions on specific rivers in southwestern Montana.

Which Rivers Are Affected?

The restrictions cover certain stretches of the East Gallatin River, the Lower Madison and Lower Gallatin River, Beaverhead River, Ruby River, Shields River, Big Hole River and the entire Jefferson River.

Restrictions ban fishing from 2 p.m. to midnight, so if you want to fish, you'll have to cast your line during the night or morning hours.


Why The Restrictions? 

Low river flow and high temperatures led Fish, Wildlife and Parks to enact "hoot owl" restrictions on several rivers, including parts of the East Gallatin River. Wildlife officials said fish can get stressed in the heat and low water levels. The restrictions protect them. Holman said he understands how crucial that can be.

"I think most fishermen want to protect their resource, so knowing that temperatures are at a critical level later in the afternoon when the sun is high, everyone is most agreeable with that and knowing that you just have to get up earlier to go fishing," he said.

The hoot owl restriction will stay in place until river temperatures drop back down and stay put for at least three days.


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