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Fly Fishing Montana in July

Monday, March 22, 2021

Fly Fishing Montana in July is prime time. It doesn't get much better than at this time. Every river we guide is an option and available to fly fish. July in Montana brings some great hatches and some of the most consistent weather.

  • Incredible hatches.
  • Great Scenery and weather.
  • Peak dry fly fishing month.
  • Our busiest month.

July in Montana has great hatches for fly fishing.

Late June and early July bring us our most famous hatch, Salmonflies. These extra large insects get the attention of all the trout. People come from far and wide to fish the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers. For a week to ten days the trout will gorge themselves on both the nymphs and adult Salmonflies. This hatch brings out some of the biggest trout in the area, giving you an opportunity to catch a trophy trout.

Soon after the Salmonfly hatch ends we see Golden stoneflies which are just a little smaller than salmonflies. Later in the month we see Pale Morning Dun mayflies, Yellow Sallies, and various caddis flies. Runoff is over in July and as you can see, the Bozeman area offers many opportunities for some great dry fly fishing.

During early July in the Bozeman area, the rivers have quite a bit of volume of water in them. A guided float trip is the best way to fish our area rivers. Later in July there are more opportunities to wade as the water recedes and as more gravel bars are exposed.

fly fishing montana july river

Great weather and scenery.

July is on of the most consistent months in the Bozeman area weather-wise. Sunny, warm weather with average temperatures in the Bozeman area hovering around the mid 80s. Most years the mountains are snowcapped and make for a beautiful backdrop as you drift down one of Montana's premier fly fishing rivers.

It's time to put the waders away, break out the sunscreen and lightweight wet wading clothes. It is not uncommon to see many different species of raptors hovering around the rivers or the occasional moose and deer near the stream side.

fly fishing montana july scenery

July books up fast. The best guides get booked early.

Because of the great fishing and weather, July is one of our busiest months around Bozeman, Montana. The month of July is always first to book up. With a limited guide staff, it doesn't take long to book up for the month. If you are considering fishing the Bozeman area in July, be sure to reach out to us as early as possible.

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